Achilles FPS Member

KARAJET is an approved Supplier Member of Achilles FPS Oil & Gas Asia Pacific. Our Membership is an endorsement of our quality systems and capabilities at KARAJET.

The Achilles pre-qualification is a vigorous and time consuming process, and was developed to weed out companies that aren’t up to scratch. For KARAJET to receive such a high ranking is huge advantage to the company, and reassuring to our current and future customers who can be confident they are dealing with a supplier who has the proven ability to deliver.

Achilles FPS is the community supplier management system used by the major Oil & Gas buying organizations in the Asia Pacific region. It enables the oil & gas sector to use Achilles’ supplier pre-qualification system to identify, pre-qualify and assess suppliers for tender and supplying opportunities whilst minimizing risk within their prospective supply chains.

Find out more about Achilles FPS here.


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