The condenser is a two-phase flow heat exchanger where the heat (generally latent heat) is removed by conversion of vapor into liquid with the help of coolant. KARAJET mainly manufactures surface condensers for mechanical drive applications in power plants, refineries, and chemical processing plants.

Surface Condensers/

Tube & Shell Heat Exchangers

In surface condensers there is no direct contact between the vapors and the cooling water and the heat-conducting wall removes the condensation heat. Therefore, the temperature difference between condensation and cooling water is greater than the direct contact condensation mode. Surface condensers are the initial choice for process engineering solutions, where the cooling water should not be mixed with the condensate. The separation of these two ensures eco-friendly process.
Surface condensers in multi-stage steam jet vacuum systems are designed as shell & tube heat exchangers. KARAJET surface condensers can be manufactured and delivered in all requested sizes and in various materials.

  • Condensation outside and inside of the pipes
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Manufacturing possible with non-metallic materials
  • No direct contact between cooling water and condensate
  • The cooling water is not polluted
  • caustic recovery plants (CPR)
  • multi-stage steam jet vacuum packages
Applicable Codes and Standards:
  • HEI
  • TEMA