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Product Overview


Ejector jet pumps are devices of rugged and simple construction which are used in a wide range of applications to generate a suction force. This suction force may be used to create the vacuum and/or draw a secondary fluid. Pressurized Liquid, Gas or Steam could be used as the motive medium, while any liquid, gas or steam can be introduced into the suction fluid which includes a wide range of applications. According to the motive fluid, ejectors are categorized into three main types, each further divided into sub-categories.
Our company can design all different types of STEAM EJECTOR, GAS EJECTOR and LIQUID EJECTOR. For our customers’ more convenience we offer online calculation service.
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Our Ejector Advantages

KARAJET is the sole designer and manufacturer of all types of single and multi-stage ejectors in Middle-East. We have more than two decades experience in the energy market and more than 35 power plant units have been equipped with our vacuum systems so far. Our company is one of the most well-equipped ejector and vacuum system manufacturers around the world which has full in-house control over designing, manufacturing and testing procedures. As a Knowledge-Based Company with an official degree of technology from Iranian Ministry Of Science, Research & Technology, we are eager to supply our products to projects in Middle-East and CIS countries. Planning and equipping the factory with the variety of machineries and testing facilities, after more than two decades of uninterrupted activity, we have become one of the most prominent manufacturers in terms of quality in the global market.


  • No moving parts
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Simple and compact
  • working with all types of fluids
  • Long lifetime
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Manufactured from various materials

Applicable Codes and Standards:

  • ASME Sec. VIII, div. 1
  • ASME B31.3
  • HEI Standard for Steam Jet Vacuum Systems

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