Liquid Jet Compressor

Using a liquid as motive medium, liquid jet compressors compress gases or vapors with large pressure differences and simultaneous intensive mixing of the liquid itself. They operate on the ejector principle.

  • Simple and reliable
  • Corrosion and erosion resistant
  • Automatic control
  • Easy to install
  • Low cost
  • Wide range of materials such as steal, stainless steal, cast iron, bronze, Teflon and graphite

Liquid jet compressors have numerous applications in many industries and processes such as

  • Foodstuffs industry
  • Treating drinking water
  • Chemical industry
  • Biological sewage treatment
  • Flotation
  • Lake rehabilitation

Specific applications are

  • Hydrogenation of edible oils.
  • De-acidification of hard water.
  • De-nitrification of drinking water with H2 gas.
  • Aeration/nitrification of Waste water
  • Activated sludge process.
  • Deep water aeration
Range of Operation
  • Compression of gases or vapours with large pressure differences
  • Simultaneous mixing
  • High gas/liquid mass transfer rate
  • Cast iron
  • Cast stainless steel
  • Steel or stainless steel
  • Temperature change resistant porcelain
  • Other materials on request

Schematic diagram of a unit for adding ozone in a drinking water treatment plant