Product Overview

Vacuum Packages

Vacuum package is supplementary equipment in steam processing plants which helps to improve the performance of the whole system by providing continuous low pressure in a medium.

Specially meant for power generation plants these packages, which are consistent of non-rotating equipment such as; Ejectors, Heat exchangers, Condensers, and monitoring apparatus, are distinguished as reliable operating under steady state continuous working conditions.

KARAJET vacuum systems are designed in separate stages which number is defined according to the capacity desired. In each stage, the steam passing through the ejectors provide vacuum pressure in the suction connection that is to be transferred to the condensers. The condenser will dissipate the heat to the medium in the tube side of the heat exchangers, and then it is discharged to downstream. The remaining steam in the condensers is guided to the next stage (by the ejectors) in which is to be condensed, while the mixing air is meant to be vented to atmosphere.

Regarding the process performed, it is obvious that; the operation of the vacuum packages is most desired when a medium is to be single liquid phased while cooled simultaneously, which as an example can be found in steam power generation plants.

stage systems(down to 10 mmHg)
  • Vacuum distillation, evaporation and crystallization for chemical products
  • Steam condensers
stage systems(down to 2 mmHg)
  • Steam jet chillers
  • Stripping and deodorizing edible oils
  • Vacuum packaging
stage systems(down to 0.2 mmHg)
  • Freeze drying or dehydrating in food and pharmaceutical
  • industr
stage systems(down to 0.04 mmHg)
  • Steel degassing
  • Electronic and high-tech applications


  • Simple construction
  • non-rotating parts
  • Energy saving
  • Wide range of condensers used
  • Long life span
  • Custom design
  • Low maintenance
  • High reliability


  • Multi-stage vacuum pumps with direct contact condensers
  • Multi-stage vacuum pumps with surface type condensers
  • Hybrid systems

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