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who we are

KARAJET ® is a highly vibrant, innovative company and pioneer manufacturer of Ejector and Vacuum System in Middle-East. Since 1995 our company is raring to go by innovative solution for every problem, with hand-picked elites from highly venerable academic sources. Due to having an insatiable appetite to remain original over time, we have managed to develop endogenous technology for designing and manufacturing several types of mechanical equipment for process industry with substantial application in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Food and Beverages, Steel and Alloys, Power and other related Industries.

KARAJET ® is a consolidated brand of two Companies;

Kara Tahviye Company which was founded in 1994 and started to design and manufacture different kinds of steam, gas and liquid ejectors.


Kara Sanat Tadbir Paya Company which was established in 2008 to design and manufacture silencer, separator, desuperheater and static mixer.

Now Kara Tahviye and Kara Sanat Tadbir Paya Companies are supplying their products to the market under the KARAJET ® brand name.

We believe that our customers’ satisfaction and trust is backed by our maintained efforts to develop products with higher quality and superior efficiency. Approximately 4000 square meters space in the production area, 1300 square meters space in the office and engineering section, as well as 6 cranes (5 and 10 tons capacity) demonstrates our notable ability to supply equipment with up to 100 meters length and 30 tons weight.

  • 1995

    Establishment of Kara Tahveyeh Company

  • 1996-1999

    Designing and manufacturing Steam , Gas and Liquid Ejector

  • 2000

    Constructing a production plant with a area of 2000m2

  • 2001-2008

    Designing and manufacturing Silencers, Vacuum Systems, Separators

  • 2009

    Establishment of Kara Sanat Tadbir Paya

  • 2010

    Constructing a new production plant with a total 6000 m2 area, including 3600 m2 roofed production area, 1300 m2 office building and 500 m2 storage area.

  • 2016

    Consolidation of two Companies; Kara Tahveyeh and Kara Sanat Tadbir Paya, under a KARAJET